don’t repeat everything you hear

Usually on Monday I do some laundry (you don’t want to get behind otherwise, it can take a VERY long time). There are three women who work for the Sisters here, Madeline, Michelle, and Mary. Michelle does all the laundry for the Sisters in the morning and goes to highschool in the afternoon (She’s one of my favorite people here and she thinks I’m funny). So usually Michelle and I sit together doing laundry for an hour or so, singing and laughing. Well, Michelle taught me a new word today but I didn’t understand what it was. I told her I would look in my dictionary. I did and it was not there so in the middle of dinner, I asked the Sisters what “lang..” was. There was a couple of seconds of silence then Sr. Danielle went on to explain and re-explain because I didn’t understand and I kept on repeating what she was saying, trying to understand. Turns out Michelle taught me a word for a body part. The Sisters ended up crying because they were laughing so hard by the end of Sr. Danielle’s explanation and after I told them that Michelle was my professor.

PS There are two Masses on Sunday- one for the adults and one for the kids. All the students come to school in their uniform then all 600 walk to church. The church is full of students from the different Catholic schools in the area- at least 1500. My job is to try and keep my section quiet for the 2 hour long Mass. I have to practice my stare down and my snap- two very necessary tools for a good teacher!

PSS Sunday afternoon all the kids from the neighborhood come to play! The girls jump rope; the boys play soccer and basketball. My goal is to have the girls start playing basketball and volleyball and then have a girls vs. boy match! It’s funny-boys here really like the color pink. One boy was even wearing bright pink Barbie sandals! Most of the kids who come on Sunday afternoon don’t go to school at all because their parents can’t afford to send them to school.


About biffy317

This blog is about my year in Haiti. I came here not speaking the language, not having a clear idea of what I will be doing to a small, impoverished country in the middle of a crisis. Haitians have A LOT of sayings and one of them is Piti gren fe gro pie bwa, which means a little seed makes a big tree. I hope that my time here will be fruitful and also to participate and observe as Haiti grows and flourishes as well. Seeds need a lot of time, a good foundation, and help from others to grow.
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