We are the world …

I have now figured out how to handle my seventh grade class. I bribe them with Michael Jackson songs. Everybody in Haiti loves Michael Jackson. They try to dance like Michael, sing like Michael. So if they are good for their English lesson, I show them a verse to We are the World. To be honest I don’t know that many Michael Jackson songs and I’m not that much of a singer (they know the rhythm and melody better than I do) but they go crazy for the words. Sr. Danielle wants the whole school to be able to sing the refrain for Sr. Marie Claire, the Provincial, when she comes to visit and also You are My Sunshine. It might seem a little strange to greet a nun with a Michael Jackson song but after the earthquake a group remixed his song to raise awareness for Haiti and everyone loves it.

Now if I can just find the words to Shakira’s hit Waka from the Fifa World Cup…


About biffy317

This blog is about my year in Haiti. I came here not speaking the language, not having a clear idea of what I will be doing to a small, impoverished country in the middle of a crisis. Haitians have A LOT of sayings and one of them is Piti gren fe gro pie bwa, which means a little seed makes a big tree. I hope that my time here will be fruitful and also to participate and observe as Haiti grows and flourishes as well. Seeds need a lot of time, a good foundation, and help from others to grow.
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