Proud to be a Haitian

Sometimes i get to have a nice chat with the driver for the Sisters, Mr. Bernard, if I go along with Sr. Mary Mercie to do her errands or if I have one myself. One time when it was just him and me in the car, a man knocked on my window motioning that he wanted to talk. I thought it was a bit strange because he didn’t look familiar but I rolled down my window. He just wanted to take the opportunity to say hello to the Father. Bernard laughed- no, no, I’m not a priest. Afterwards, Bernard told me this happens pretty often which is no wonder since many cars have religious in them and also Bernard wears a big cross on a chain. But back to our talks, recently it has been a lot of politics with the elections. He is the president of the Martelly bureau of his district and is very proud of it. He wears a bright pink Martelly bracelet. If you asked him about the other presidential candidate Maginat, he would say with his eyebrows furrowed and bottom lip sticking out, that there would be a lot of problems and riots. He also told me he wants to see election run only by Haitians and not paid by foreigners which is something I would like to see too. He also thinks that Martelly will be president for the next twenty five years with an interrum session of Wycleaf Jean, his fellow artist and associate. Although I am not sure what to think of Martelly, it has turned out to be peaceful which is what the country needs. It has been a winding, twisting election with as many turns as the Mississippi and I am glad to reach the end, well almost the end. Now it is a matter of transition of power.


About biffy317

This blog is about my year in Haiti. I came here not speaking the language, not having a clear idea of what I will be doing to a small, impoverished country in the middle of a crisis. Haitians have A LOT of sayings and one of them is Piti gren fe gro pie bwa, which means a little seed makes a big tree. I hope that my time here will be fruitful and also to participate and observe as Haiti grows and flourishes as well. Seeds need a lot of time, a good foundation, and help from others to grow.
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