In the past two weeks, I ‘ve ended up having to be the substitute teachers for the kindergartner class and the second grade class. The hardest part is not cracking a smile. The kids love to come up and ask for permission to go to the bathroom. I’ll see one tiny hand in the air approach me then all of the sudden I’m swarmed by thirty little people with their hands waving in the air yelling Permission Madame, Permission Madame. I have to say a million times, no sit down. Or I’ll hear Madam Madam, he hit me, she took my pencil. A lot of times, I have no clue what they’re are saying but I go along pretending, “You did that, a student like you. Say sorry and if you took something, give it back.”  I was not so happy though yesterday to find a little kindergarten girl latched to my arm and then ended up trying to bite me to get my attention but such is life inside a kindergarten class. The day ended well though with all the totters singing You are my Sunshine.


About biffy317

This blog is about my year in Haiti. I came here not speaking the language, not having a clear idea of what I will be doing to a small, impoverished country in the middle of a crisis. Haitians have A LOT of sayings and one of them is Piti gren fe gro pie bwa, which means a little seed makes a big tree. I hope that my time here will be fruitful and also to participate and observe as Haiti grows and flourishes as well. Seeds need a lot of time, a good foundation, and help from others to grow.
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