Up up and away

April has also been kite season here. The first kite I saw was in the trees which I didn’t recognize as a kite until seeing a little boy running down the road trying to make his kite fly. They use leftover plastic bags, popsicle sticks or sticks used for hotdogs, and place string around an old bottle of sorts. It seems to work pretty welll- I saw one kite that was about 40 yards in the air. I actually got helped in making one with one of my favorite next door neighbors, Maurice, who is a little five year old boy with a hearty laugh and also is a big help in correcting my Creole. We took an old palm branch to make the base, a black plastic bag, some string we found on the ground and up, up, and away… well except as I was told by Maurice I used a palm branch that was too old so the kite didn’t get quite so high as we wanted.


About biffy317

This blog is about my year in Haiti. I came here not speaking the language, not having a clear idea of what I will be doing to a small, impoverished country in the middle of a crisis. Haitians have A LOT of sayings and one of them is Piti gren fe gro pie bwa, which means a little seed makes a big tree. I hope that my time here will be fruitful and also to participate and observe as Haiti grows and flourishes as well. Seeds need a lot of time, a good foundation, and help from others to grow.
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